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Christmas: Snow weather – Met Office reveals best places to visit in the UK this December | Travel News | Travel





Christmas holidays for most people are traditionally associated with snow. Unfortunately, in this day and age, guaranteed snow just isn’t possible in the UK. But for Britons eager to maximise their chances of a white Christmas, there are some locations in the UK where snowfall is much more likely – although you may have to head pretty far north to boost the odds. These are top 10 places in the UK for snow this Christmas.

Cairngorms, Scotland

The Cairngorm National Park is found in the heart of the Scottish Highlands and is twice the size of the Lake District.

It gets more snow than any other are in the UK, with snow falling on 76 days throughout the year (based on 1981-2010 averages).

Shetland Islands, Scotland

This subarctic archipelago lies northeast of the UK and is made up of over 100 islands, 15 of which are inhabited.

The snowiest place on the islands is the village of Baltasound on the island of Unst where snow falls 65 days a year on average.

Fair Isle, Scotland

Fair Isle in an island halfway between Orkney and Shetland. It is owned by the National Trust for Scotland.

Home to just 68 people, the island is famous for its birds (there is a bird observatory) knitwear and historic shipwrecks.

Snow falls in Fair Isle on average 63 days a year, making it the third best place for snow in the UK.

Orkney Islands, Scotland

Orkney is an archipelago off the northeastern coast of Scotland. Its ancient history is a major draw for tourists as there’s plenty of sites of archaeological interest.

The Loch of Hundland on Mainland recorded the most snow, with the white stuff falling on 59 days each year, revealed the Met Office.

Copley, County Durham, England

Located just south of the North Pennines, Copley benefits from being in one the snowiest parts of England.

Snow falls on average 53 days each year, thanks to which Copley is home to one of England’s few outdoor ski centres.

Leadhills, Scotland

Leadhills is the second highest village in Scotland and is nestled in a high valley in the Lowther Hills, 1,460 feet above sea level.

Thanks to its lofty heights, Leadville get 52 days of snow on average each year.

Widdybank Fell, England

Located in the heart of the North Pennines, snow falls on average 50 days a year in Widdybank Fell.

Its two impressive waterfalls attract visitors – High Force Falls and Cauldron Snout – and the Pennine Way also passes through the area.

Eskdalemuir, Scotland

Eskdalemuir is found in Dumfries and Galloway and has a population of just 265 people.

It is one of the UK’s most established weather stations, with records dating back over a hundred years. Snow falls on average 50 days a year there, according to the Met Office.

Kinbrace, Scotland

A tiny village in the Scottish Highlands, the weather station at Kinbrace records some very low temperatures due to its northerly position.

The lowest November maximum temperature on record for the UK was logged there on 29 November 1985, when it got no warmer than -10.5 degrees Celsius. It receives 49 days of snowfall a year.

Knockanrock, Scotland

The village of Knockan is well known for Knockan Crag, a line of cliffs. It gets an average 49 days of snow each year.

For holidaymakers to head to the prettiest places in the country – whether they have snow or not – these are the most scenic staycation destinations in the UK.


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American woman faces $2,800 parking bill after leaving car in Toronto during pandemic





Parking in the city can be costly, but one American woman is learning just how bad it can be after being unable to retrieve her car for nearly a year.

Detroit resident Kim Richardson left her 2004 Honda Element at the Park2Sky lot by Pearson airport in March 2020 before flying out to Europe for a medical procedure. She originally planned to retrieve it within two weeks but partway through her trip, the Canada-US border got closed due to COVID-19 precautions.

Richardson’s return flight was rerouted to Detroit and she’s been unable to return to Toronto since.

What was originally a $100 bill has now inflated to $2,800 as the lot’s owner says he has a business to operate and is owed payment for 11 months of storage. However, Richardson believes she’s being extorted for an issue beyond her control.

Park2Sky personnel claim that several Americans who found themselves in similar predicaments have had their cars shipped home.

“I don’t understand, I don’t know what’s going on here. Business is down, I’m not making any money at all. People who leave their car are paid. She’s the only one that hasn’t paid,” said the owner to CBC News this week.

The stalemate is expected to last a while longer as travel restrictions remain in place and Ontario Provincial Police have said they won’t get involved in a civil matter.

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All systems are go for St. Lawrence Cruise Lines in 2021





KINGSTON — Despite Canada’s newly extended cruise ship ban, Canadians still have a small-ship cruising alternative in 2021 with St. Lawrence Cruise Lines.

The small-ship operator, which sails on the St. Lawrence and Ottawa Rivers, has confirmed operations for 2021, with overnight cruises on both rivers from May 20 to Oct. 24. A variety of cruises ranging from four to seven nights will depart from Kingston, Ottawa and Quebec City, sailing exclusively in domestic waters with stops at select ports in Ontario and Quebec.

On Feb. 4, Canada’s Minister of Transport, Omar Alghabra announced that Canada’s cruise ship ban will be extended until Feb. 28, 2022. This measure, which effectively prohibits cruise vessels carrying more than 100 passengers from operating in Canadian waters, does not impact the small-ship operations of St. Lawrence Cruise Lines and its 32-stateroom CANADIAN EMPRESS.

“We are excited to offer travellers a small ship option for the 2021 season,” said President Jason Clark. “Our overnight cruises stay close to shore in Canadian waters and our COVID-19 Health and Safety program has been recognized for its high standards.”

This past December, the cruise line was awarded the Safe Travels Stamp by the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario (TIAO) for adherence to global standards of health and hygiene. The program includes a wide range of safety measures, including reduced passenger loads, masking, physical distancing and hospital-grade electrostatic disinfecting for both private staterooms and shared spaces. Plus, all staterooms have access to fresh air, climate controls and views of the river.

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Here’s How Canada’s ‘Screening Officers’ Will Check On Travellers During Quarantine





The federal government is reminding all travellers in Canada that “Screening Officers” may pay them a visit post-arrival.

In a statement about the country’s latest travel restrictions, Transport Canada confirmed that newly-trained officials would be tasked with checking up on travellers during their two-week quarantine period.

The role of the Screening Officers will be to visit travellers’ quarantine locations to “establish contact, confirm identify and confirm that travellers are at the place of quarantine they identified upon entry into Canada.”

This is to make sure individuals are complying with Canada’s mandatory 14-day quarantine requirement.

The checks will be conducted across 35 Canadian cities, having already started in Montreal and Toronto back in January.

The officials will provide “compliance education” and will be able to issue verbal warnings, but stronger enforcement action will be referred to the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) and then law enforcement for follow-up checks. 

Failing to comply with the Quarantine Act or with Screening Officers’ instructions could result in fines of up to $750,000 or even jail time.

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