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John Summers: Has An Ottawa Lawyer Helped Sell Humans-Out to Demonic Aliens?



Today, I’m going to tell you very shocking news about a lawyer in Ottawa.  His activities beg the rather alarming question on whether he’s part of a group of ‘Archons‘ identified in the above video excerpt by Alex Collier that is part of an effort to sell-out fellow humans to manipulative aliens for commercial profit. 

John Lash revealed on that the ‘Archons’ appear as “regular people” but are controlled by a collective demonic alien artificial intelligence mind matrix which has been responsible for orchestrating wars and countless human suffering on our planet Earth.

These entities are not from our universe but originate from a lower dimension that has reportedly sought to use its artificial intelligence to divide, rule, conquer and exploit spiritual-biological beings like humans who possess souls which endows us with higher dimensional consciousness. 

The truly shocking activities of John Summers reveals apparent “fifth columns” in strategic positions of local police and among Judges who appear to be part of a “new slave trade” involving humans seeking to sell-out humans to the nefarious activities of Archons.

The most vulnerable members of human society which include “missing children”, the homeless and the elderly are reportedly being exploited by alleged alien interests, and it appears that John Summers has aided and abetted a hostile agenda.

When Ottawa man Horace Carby-Samuels began to complain to friends and family about an “Extraterrestrial threat” his son sought to come to both his father’s and his mother’s rescue. Horace began to complain of aliens seeking to take control of his body through his mind. 

The result of these reported alien incursions was that a normally mild-mannered Horace began to suffer from increasing apparent episodes where an alien mind would seize control of him which resulted in that alien personae inflicting sadistic abuse against his wife.

Raymond reported seeing his father eyes rolls in his head every time this apparent psychotic alien presence took over.  During one of these episodes, the apparent alien that seized control of Horace held a knife to Raymond’s stomach which sent his to the Emergency Room when Raymond had sought to protect his mother from the apparent abusive alien presence.

An informer revealed that Horace was being taken over by a commanding officer of an alien military command structure that sought to experience human emotions through Horace.

According to Alex Collier, the souls of humans are being “bottled-up” while aliens are seizing control of the bodies of human hosts.  Horace appears to be one of the latest victims and it appears that we, as humans, have John Summers to thank in his continued efforts to “protect” Horace and Dezrin as the property of the aliens that have sought to use these two humans.

John Summers enters the picture just when Raymond sought to get help for both is father and mother who were being subjected to a violation of their human sovereignty. 

Mr Summers claimed to be working for Horace Carby-Samuels in an effort to keep Raymond away from both his father and mother.  But after Raymond told Mr Summers that this was not credible because his now retired father couldn’t even afford a lawyer working at over $300/hr when his father was working, Mr Summers then revealed that he was “not at liberty” to say who he was being retained by.

In a similar manner that Africans used to sell fellow Africans as slaves for commercial profit, Alex Collier reveals that humans are apparently selling out other humans to the enable demonic aliens to subject humans to various sadistic experiments.

Both Horace and Dezrin Carby-Samuels appear to have been subjected to alien abduction and related experiments and it appears that at least one Ottawa lawyer’s job is to ensure that these experiments continue without any further interference from humans like Raymond.

John Summers’ key role in all this has been to make up a tissue of lies that would then be reinforced by fellow Archons working at Ottawa Superior Court.  These include Justices Macnamara, Roger and Corthorn who together used their mutual ties to an apparent “University of Ottawa” clique to sabotage efforts by other judges to support Raymond’s efforts.

When Raymond back in February 2016 obtained an Order from Justice Patrick Smith to protect his Mom from the sadistic alien personae that had seized control of his father’s body, John Summers and his apparent Archon associates expedited a false flag operation against Raymond to ignore all evidence of abuse by Horace while also seeking to declare Raymond to be a “Vexatious Litigant” for seeking to reinstate Justice Patrick Smith’s Order.

John Summers’ published lies in court documents include fraudulent claims of Raymond “suffering from mental illness” and being “blacklisted by Ottawa Ambulance Services.” These lies would then be treated as “fact” by his fellow Archons operating as Judges.

John Summers’ activities is a wake-up call to all humans of how our planet is being destroyed as a result of those humans who seek to support an apparent alien agenda against other humans who seek commercial profit and power under the hegemony of demons.

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