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Elon Musk says he finally hosted PewDiePie’s YouTube show Meme Review





pewdiepie elon muskPewDiePie and Elon Musk.RW/MediaPunch/IPX; AP Photo/Kiichiro Sato

  • Elon Musk said in a Monday night tweet that he recently recorded a video that will go up on the YouTube channel for PewDiePie, the most popular video creator on the platform.
  • Musk first floated the idea of making an appearance on PewDiePie’s “Meme Review” video series, where the creator reviews popular memes, back in January.
  • Unless this is all an elaborate troll, it sounds like Musk finally found time to host the show — with some help from “Rick and Morty” co-creator Justin Roiland.
  • PewDiePie currently holds the title as the most subscribed-to channel on YouTube, but his throne has been threatened in the last few months by Bollywood production company T-Series. 

We may soon see a collaboration between two of the biggest troll-loving personalities on the internet: Tesla CEO Elon Musk and YouTuber PewDiePie.

Musk, whose previous tweets have landed him in major legal trouble and also at the top of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s favorite list of tweeters, said on Monday night that he had just recorded a segment for “Meme Review,” a recurring video series that PewDiePie hosts on YouTube. 

This isn’t the first time Musk and PewDiePie have interacted on Twitter. Musk first floated the idea of hosting PewDiePie’s meme-focused show in a January tweet.

PewDiePie himself responded and invited Musk to host an episode of Meme Review. At the time, however, it was tough to gauge whether Musk would actually make an appearance as guest host or whether it would turn out to be an elaborate troll, or something he’d like to do but his busy schedule wouldn’t allow. A video from early February didn’t seem to give fans much hope, as PewDiePie said they would have to wait until “the next millennia” for Musk to make an appearance.

In a series of back-and-forth messages, Musk offered up an excuse a few weeks later as to why he wasn’t able to host (he was recently in Norway), and PewDiePie seemed to understand, but it sounded like the saga might be over.

But Musk was back with an update a week later, saying in a tweet Monday that he recorded the show with “Rick and Morty” co-creator Justin Roiland. Business Insider has reached out to PewDiePie in an effort to confirm that Musk and Roiland will host an upcoming episode of Meme review, but have yet to hear back.

PewDiePie is fighting to keep his crown as the most popular YouTuber in the world

Between Musk’s Twitter following and PewDiePie’s YouTube subscribers, the two have a combined 110 million fans. While both have grown their audiences and fanbases considerably through their use of social media, it’s also landed them both in serious trouble before too.

Musk is known for an active presence on Twitter, where he’s revealed breaking news about his companies, clashed with high-profile figures, and sent out “false and misleading statements” that landed him in major trouble with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Meanwhile, PewDiePie runs the most popular YouTube channel in the world, with more than 86 million subscribers. PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, has a history of making offensive remarks in his videos. His actions led to YouTube cancelling a season of his original series set to air on YouTube Premium.

Yet PewDiePie has seen his subscriber base spike by 700% over the last few months. The massive influx in subscribers can be attributed to PewDiePie’s bid to maintain his role as YouTube’s most-subscribed-to channel, a title he’s been in jeopardy of losing to Bollywood music channel T-Series.

Read more: Despite predictions and controversy, PewDiePie has yet to lose his spot as YouTube’s ‘biggest star’

Since the race between the two popular channels ensued, PewDiePie has found help from fans and fellow YouTubers that want the star to keep his crown. A hacker altered a page on The Wall Street Journal’s website to say the paper was supporting PewDiePie and people should subscribe. Hundreds of thousands of printers globally printed messages in support of him. As many as 5,000 smart TVs and Chromecast devices were hacked and showed messages encouraging people to subscribe to PewDiePie.

A YouTuber with millions of subscribers himself has also been heavily promoting PewDiePie. Jimmy Donaldson, better known as Mr Beast, purchased radio ads and billboards promoting PewDiePie, and even appeared in a stunt supporting the YouTuber at this year’s Super Bowl.

On Twitter, Donaldson has also interacted with Musk, and tried to further the idea of having him on PewDiePie’s channel. He said that in return for Musk appearing on PewDiePie’s video, he would pay him $5 and also buy a Tesla.

As of Tuesday afternoon, PewDiePie held the lead above T-Series by around 15,000 subscribers, according to Social Blade.

With such a small gap, Musk may have filmed his episode of Meme Review just in time.


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Canadian tech diversity and inclusion in the spotlight





Diversity and inclusion are hot-button issues, but for all the attention they get, there’s still work to be done in the tech sector, according to a recent Gartner blog.

Citing a range of challenges that include pay inequity, lack of diversity in corporate management, and difficulty recruiting diverse talent, the blog suggests three possible remedies for organizations trying to become more diverse and inclusive: having a long-term plan but focusing on one aspect that will make the most benefit, setting targets and making leadership accountable, and committing resources.

The call for such strategies finds support in a report from the Brookfield Institute revealing that Canada’s technology sector has a disappointing track record when it comes to inclusion and equity, with women “four times less likely to be employed in the sector than men, and earning on average $7,300 less than men in technology jobs.”

The findings are just as grim in a January 2020 report funded by Canada’s Future Skills Centre. According to this document, despite corporate commitments to diversity, “decades of initiatives designed to advance women in technology have scarcely had an effect: The proportion of women in engineering and computer science in Canada has changed little in 25 years.”

And women are not the only disadvantaged group, says the report. “The under-employment of skilled immigrants and under-representation of women and other groups in the ICT industry suggests that recruitment and retention policies and practices of the very firms complaining about this [skills] gap may be contributing to the problem.”

Until we do a better job of addressing inclusion and diversity, career opportunities will continue to be limited for women, internationally educated professionals, racialized minorities, First Nations, Inuit and Métis people. In addition to being a very human issue, this is also one that perpetuates the ICT skills gap by failing to tap into a supply of well-qualified labour.

On the bright side, there are technology companies and organizations across Canada that are truly determined to create opportunities for those who are under-represented in the digital talent pool. There is also an opportunity to recognize their efforts during Channel Innovation 2021: Adapting to the New Customer Experience, a 2.5-hour, virtual event on April 28, 2021.

A showcase for independent software vendors (ISVs) and Canadian channel innovators, the Channel Innovation 2021 celebration will take place on CIA-TV, a unique ITWC platform that allows the audience to take in the show, download related content and videos, and network in live breakout rooms. There are six award categories, including the C4 Award for Diversity and Inclusion. Nominating is simple. Whether a self- or third-party nomination, there are only two main questions to answer and an opportunity to include a supporting document or image.

Winning entries will be announced during the celebration and profiled in the Channel Daily News Magazine and in Direction Informatique, ITWC’s French-language publication devoted to the Quebec marketplace. They will also receive a digital badge for use on their websites and on social media to help gain industry-wide recognition and end-user exposure.

The media attention and recognition are reason enough to vie for this honour, and we always need things to celebrate during a global pandemic, but the real value in awards for diversity and inclusion is in setting an example for others to follow. The news is full of the ways we are falling down when it comes to equity in the IT sector. Let’s take some time to highlight the success stories and encourage other tech innovators to step up.

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Leading Canadian tech entrepreneur Saadia Muzaffar to give virtual keynote in Peterborough on March 9





In celebration of International Women’s Day, one of Canada’s leading female tech entrepreneurs will be giving a virtual keynote for residents of Peterborough and the Kawarthas on Tuesday, March 9th at 7 p.m.

The Innovation Cluster is hosting Saadia Muzaffar as part of its ‘Electric City Talks’ series.

Muzaffar is a tech entrepreneur, author, and passionate advocate of responsible innovation, decent work for everyone, and prosperity of immigrant talent in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). She is the founder of TechGirls Canada, a hub for Canadian women in STEM, and co-founder of Tech Reset Canada, a group of business people, technologists, and other residents advocating for innovation that is focused on the public good.

In 2017, Muzaffar was featured in Canada 150 Women, a book about 150 of the most influential and groundbreaking women in Canada. Her work has been featured in CNNMoney, BBC World, Fortune Magazine, The Globe and Mail, VICE, CBC, TVO, and Chatelaine.

Muzaffar’s March 9th talk, entitled ‘Redefining Term Sheets: Success, Solidarity, & The Future We Want’, will inspire women to achieve success in all areas of life, including in business by providing strategies for obtaining funding.

“It is impossible to explain how women only get 2.2 per cent of funding for their ventures while we constitute a majority of the population, without acknowledging long-standing structural and systemic bias,” Muzaffar says, describing her talk. “Women know these odds in our bones because we feel them in too many boardrooms, banks, media advertisements, and venture competitions — yet women are the fastest-growing demographic in new businesses.”

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ARK’s Cathie Wood joins board of Canadian tech firm mimik





ARK Invest’s Cathie Wood is joining the board of Canadian technology company mimik.

Vancouver-based mimik is an edge computing company that effectively turns devices like phones into private cloud servers. It has already teamed up with Amazon Web Services and IBM on edge computing – two of the bigger players in the space.

The AWS partnership gives software developers access to mimik’s cloud platform. Together, edge devices including smart phones, tablets, and Internet of Things (IoT) products can act as extensions of the AWS cloud. With the IBM partnership, mimik’s technology will be included in automation and digital transformation across manufacturing, retail, IoT and healthcare.

All of mimik’s business lines fit in with Wood’s broad ‘next generation internet’ thesis, one of her big five investment themes. The company itself is private and Wood is not an investor. 

However, as Citywire noted in January, Wood has hinted in interviews that ARK is exploring the launch of a private markets strategy. 

Wood joins a relatively high profile board at mimik. Other members include  Allen Salmasi, a pioneer in mobile technology who was previously with Qualcomm, and Ori Sasson, managing director of Primera Capital, who was an investor in VMWare and other technology companies.

‘I’ve always believed in backing founders who are at the forefront of innovation,’ Wood said in a statement on her decision to join mimik. ‘At mimik, [they] have built a foundation for the next generation of cloud computing.’ 

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